Out of Hibernation

March 29, 2014

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything here.  I’m not entirely sure why that is.  I’ve thought about posting something here and there, but always decided it wasn’t interesting enough.  Every day does pretty much seem the same.  Get us all up, fed, packed and out the door to school and work.  Come home and do homework, cook dinner, shuttle kids around to after school activities, clean up dinner, get organized for the next day, squeeze in a workout, go to bed.  Not very interesting.

I do wish I had added some updates on programs I’ve done since my last post…especially since my last post was only 5 days into The Ultimate Reset.  Well, that’s long done now.  I got out of it what I had hoped.  I felt refreshed and back on track.

Both hubby and I moved on to P90X3 and are just finishing up week 11 of 13 weeks.  I’ve loved the program and loved doing it with the hubby, even though we do it at separate times.  There’s not enough room where we do it and when weights or the pull-up bar are needed it means we’d have to share.  I’m feeling stronger and definitely have more muscle definition than before.  I had a goal at the start to be able to do at least on chin up without using the assist band.  So far, I’m not there, but I am closer and I do still have 2 weeks left.

Nicer weather is finally on the horizon.  We’ve had a handful of mild days that have been great for running.  Saturday’s have become our “date run” days.  We bought a treadmill after Christmas which has resulted in pretty much picking up where we left off in the Fall.  I will admit for as much as I wanted the treadmill, I don’t really enjoy using it as much as I remember from my past treadmill use.  I really think the difference is the last time I consistently used a treadmill, I was just beginning my running journey.  I hadn’t really done any time outside. I didn’t know any different.  Now, I LOVE running outside.  Using the treadmill is different.  My stride is different, my impact is different, it doesn’t have the same effect on me mentally as outside.   I’m still grateful we were able to get it though.  I do need to make a point of using it more often. Maybe this summer when I can’t stand the thought of running in the humidity.

There will hopefully be some posts in the near future.  Some exciting things are coming up… Birthdays, certifications, races, new programs etc.

Stay tuned. I promise to be around a bit more.


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