That Running Obsession

August 6, 2014

August will be my highest mileage month for running.  This means I will run at least 57 miles this month.

I came into summer telling myself I would run just about every day and I would kill the 56.6 miles I ran in May.  Then the summer heat and humidity hit in July and I managed just 41 miles.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty pleased with that mileage, but I had really thought I’d be running longer runs, if not more of them.

Back in June hubby and I ran 10 miles.  Our longest run EVER!  It was exciting and I thought this was the beginning of longer runs across the board.  WRONG!  While I felt great during and immediately after that run, my legs seemed extra tight for weeks after.  My IT bands seemed to act up off and on and just always have this dull ache.  Whenever I went out for a run I needed to walk a good part of the hills to “baby” my hips and IT bands.   During this time I started PiYo and have found that it helps tremendously with stretching and flexibility.  It’s also making me stronger.  I’m back to running most of the hills, which is a problem because that was also my drink break. LOL.  I love the strength Piyo  is gaining me through my core and hips too because the more I pay attention to my form when running the more I realize my hips, core and glutes  are SO important in my runs.  When I get tired and stop paying attention to form I immediately start feeling the twinges in my knees.

I don’t know if it’s the slightly cooler temps and less humidity lately but I’ve been enjoying my runs a bit more this past week.  Now that August is here I feel like it’s a fresh start and I’m really “craving” the runs.  I went out yesterday because I just physically felt like I had to run.  I don’t really know how to describe the “craving” a run thing, but I suspect other runners understand.  It wasn’t a good run.  My whole body felt like it was lead running through sludge.  I’m not completely sure why.  I ran 5.5 miles the day before and haven’t really run back to back days all summer.  The weather was also warmer and more humid than it had been the day before.  Who knows why it was a bad run.  It just was.  I told myself yesterday that today would be an off day from running.  Yet, today I have that “craving” to run.  I made myself get a good Piyo workout and stretch in because I know my body really needed that.  Now all I want to do is head out for a run.  I’m telling myself to wait until later tonight and see how I feel then.  I’ve gotten a good workout already today and have a huge to-do list.  Maybe a run tonight will be my reward for crossing off everything on the list 🙂

Happy Running


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