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Meal Prep Blahs

March 30, 2014

I have the meal prep blahs today.  I’ve begrudgingly prepped lunches and dinners for us for the week.  I know it’s the only way we will eat anything other than cereal, sandwiches or pasta all week.  I know I will be grateful each afternoon knowing that dinner is either done or close to done when we need to eat on our way out the door for that night’s activity.  I know I will be happy we are eating something healthy and not ordering take out or hitting the drive-through.   I know all that and I’ve been telling myself that, but it hasn’t changed the fact that I’m just not in the mood to do it today.  I feel like I just finished last weekend’s meal prep.

That all being said, since I’m blogging about meal prep I may as well share our plan for the week.  It’s nothing glamorous.  We’re just trying to get through the school year at this point and on to summer vacation.

First off, I prepped my lunch for tomorrow- the entire week will probably be similar. I know boring, but it’s usually easier if I do pretty much the same thing Monday- Thursday.  Then the following week I change it up a bit.   Last weekend I made a double batch of Greek Chicken burgers.

Greek Chicken Burgers

package of ground chicken                                                                                               chicken burger

juice of 1/2 lemon                                                                                                                               minced clove of garlic                                                                                                                            1/4 cup of feta cheese                                                                                                                            seasonings- salt, pepper, basil, oregano ( I didn’t measure)

Make into burgers, cook and eat or freeze.  I froze them all cooked to make it quick and easy to grab whenever I need one for lunch.

With this I will be having steamed zucchini and a brown rice flour tortilla that I will toast in the oven in the morning to make crispy.

I also have some snacks ready for myself and the kiddos.  We have a couple days worth of veggies in snack bags and a couple small containers ready to grab with hummus.  For me I made horseradish hummus.  I tried Trader Joe’s version recently and loved it, so when I was at BJ’s on Friday I grabbed a huge tub of original so we could make our variations. The horseradish version was super easy.  I just spooned a tiny bit into my serving of hummus and mixed.  The great thing is we can make it as strong as we want.  Yum!

Dinner’s are the real struggle in the house.  We are often in and out of the house for multiple activities every afternoon and evening.  It makes it very difficult, if not impossible to make a  meal from scratch.  Therefore I plan ahead for the most difficult nights.

Today I prepped a chicken pot pie filling to go over mashed potatoes for tomorrow.  It was supposed to be chicken pot pie, but I didn’t grab pie crusts and then had no butter to make the crust myself.

Honestly, looking back at this I don’t know what my problem was.  This is by far one of my easier meal preps.  That was all I prepped.  Tuesday will be a shrimp/veggie curry and Wednesday will be sausage and peppers.  I’m not prepping ahead for those since I’ll have a bit of time in the afternoons and they are pretty quick.  Thursday is most likely going to be leftover night.  Friday is my day off and grocery day, so Thursday is the end of a meal plan week for us.

I do still have a couple things to do tonight.  I’ll make a big batch of hard boiled eggs so I can grab a couple quickly in the morning and I’ll also make a batch of oatmeal that I’ll reheat for breakfast as well.  It’s yummy with some frozen blueberries mixed in.


Do you meal prep? What works best for you?